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Health & safety

First response and crisis management

First and foremost, our in country staff in each destination are comprehensively trained to ensure the health and safety of your son or daughter during their time on program. With this 24/7 support in country, we can assure you that the health and well-being of each and every one of the interns is of utmost importance and priority to us.


Prior to arriving on program, your son or daughter will be given a welcome pack and resources regarding workplace culture in their internship destination. These resources provide everything your son or daughter needs to know to stay safe while living and interning abroad.

On program

When your son or daughter arrives at the airport, we will have one of our drivers waiting for them to bring them to their accommodation. Their first weekend, they also will partake in a welcome orientation which covers health and safety in the local destination. Throughout their entire internship program, they also will have 24/7 support from our local team in the destination. We also understand that going abroad is a big step, which is why we provide your son or daughter with a three month subscription to Talkspace, a service which connects them to a licensed therapist via text, phone or video call.

How to stay in touch

We will help your son or daughter acquire a local mobile phone SIM card upon arrival in order to stay in contact with our in-country team and their fellow interns, as well as to enable international communication in case they need to get in contact with family or friends quickly. If you are unable to contact them, feel free to call our offices and speak with one of our in-country staff members, so that we can connect with your son or daughter in the destination.