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Program costs

If your child is accepted into our program, they will need to confirm their place with an initial deposit equivalent to 800 British Pounds within 7-14 days of their acceptance, depending on when they apply. The number of places is limited, so the deposit reserves a spot in the program and allows us to begin the placement process with our partner companies and organizations. The deposit is also fully refundable if your child is not placed in their first or second-choice career field – giving them peace of mind that they will have a fantastic internship experience abroad. However, if your child withdraws from the program, the deposit will not be refunded.

Typically, another payment will be due 30 days after your child’s deposit. Complete payment details will be communicated by email. You can also see more information on our programs fee page.

In-country spending per week

Airport pickup and accommodation are already covered in the program fee. Some programs include public transportation, too. Your child will need to budget for food, drink and extracurricular activities, such as travel. Depending on the country to which your child goes, the cost of living differs. In-country spending will also depend on your child’s lifestyle choices.

Below are the recommended budgets per week per location:

  • London: £100-£200 (GBP)
  • Madrid: €100-€200 (EURO)
  • Dublin: €100-€200 (EURO)
  • Barcelona: €100-€200 (EURO)
  • New York: $200-$300 (USD)
  • California: $200-$300 (USD)
  • Toronto: $200-$300 (CAD)
  • Australia: $150-$250 (AUD)
  • Hong Kong: $1000-$2000 (HKD)
  • Bangkok: $100-$200 (USD)
  • Shanghai: $150-$250 (USD)
  • Tokyo: ¥15000-¥30000 (JPY)
  • Colombia: $100-$200 (USD)
  • Chile: $100-$200 (USD)

What is the program fee going towards?


Program Costs

The Intern Group’s international programs are more than just internships. We provide a comprehensive program focusing on professional development as well as cultural immersion. Each destination has a unique offering, but wherever you choose you will benefit from cultural events, airport transfers, accommodation and access to a range of services, including Talkspace, a DISC workplace assessment and a one-on-one career coaching session after your internship.


Professional Services

By joining our program, our global and in-country teams support you over several months throughout your experience, from your admissions process, placement process, visa assistance, pre-arrival support, 24/7 in-country support, as well as access to our ongoing alumni network. Throughout your time in the country, our team will deliver cultural events and professional development training. We invest in our team and their ongoing professional development to ensure you are supported by experts in their field and destination.


Operational Costs

We allocate a proportion towards our organization and infrastructure and this investment helps ensure we offer the best quality service to you. This includes management, global partnerships, legal and professional services, insurance, travel, office rent, program evaluation and development, amongst other costs.



We invest in the latest technology in order to communicate with our multinational offices and to create a smooth interview and onboarding process for all of our applicants from around the globe. We also invest in our marketing department so that we can reach more people around the world and inform them about our services.