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Ask the Intern: Where should I do an internship in Asia?


Dear Danielle, my name is Dylan and I’m interested in interning abroad in Asia. I don’t have any previous experience with Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese, but eastern culture in general just really fascinates me. With Asian countries holding such high stakes in the international economy, as well as being leaders of tech, I feel that it’s the best place to gain internship experience abroad. Do you have advice on which city I should go to for an internship in Asia?


Dear Dylan, that’s so great that you want to do an internship in Asia. I agree that Asia is really fascinating, both in terms of cultural and professional opportunities. The Intern Group offers programs in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and each city is really different from the others. Here’s some more information about each of them, to better help you make your decision.


1. Internships in Tokyo

Who should go here? Tokyo is great for interns interested in Asian advancement, specifically in technology and the economy. Interns who have a quirky sense of humor, enjoy traditional Manga/Anime, and like exploring animal cafes will love Tokyo.

What’s the city like? The city is a great mix of modern meets traditional architecture. With a population of 13.18 million people, Tokyo is lively with few opportunities to get bored. From exploring different historical shrines, to attending various festivals during your time abroad, you’ll always have something to do in Tokyo.

What kind of internships are available? Tokyo is great for interns interested in advancing their careers in Engineering/Product Design, IT, Art, Electronic manufacturing, Tourism, and Business.


internship in Asia


2. Internships in Shanghai

Who should go here? Shanghai is perfect for interns who are interested in the fast paced development of China. They also love traditional Chinese culture. The ideal intern is adventurous, outgoing, and adaptable.

What’s the city like? Shanghai as a city is very entrepreneurial, with a huge focus on networking and building interpersonal relationships. With a population of 23 million people, Shanghai is the most populated city in Asia (and in the world). With dense population comes diversity. And even better, it’s inexpensive in comparison to some other Asian cities. Shanghai is a great place for international interns for this reason.

What kind of internships are available? Shanghai is China’s financial capital, so internships in Finance and Business are a given. Additionally, internships in Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship, and Architecture are abundant (pun intended).


internship in Asia


3. Internships in Hong Kong

Who should go here? Hong Kong is great for interns who want a taste of eastern culture, while still being immersed in a western atmosphere. It’s a great city for a first time traveler.

What’s the city like? The city, though industrious, is within easy access to beautiful outdoor trips, including mountains and beaches alike. Due to its western influence, Hong Kong is extremely modern, filled with nightlife and theme parks. In comparison to the other destinations, Hong Kong is less populated, with about 7 million people in the city in total. That said, it’s extremely dense, so prepare yourself for smaller living spaces.

What kind of internships are available? Hong Kong is great for applicants interested boosting their resume with experience in Finance, Business, PR & Marketing, Engineering and Trade.


internship in Asia


Now that you have a better idea about where to do an internship in Asia, apply today for our international internship program.





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Photos and blog by Danielle Ortiz-Geis

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