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Theater and Music Internships in Chile

Theater and music internships in Chile are the perfect way to turn your passions into a career. No matter where you are in your academic career, an internship will allow you to gain professional experience and set yourself apart. Of course, the entertainment industry is an extremely competitive one. Getting your foot in the door, whether at home or abroad, isn’t easy. In this career, it’s all about who you know. Having a strong network of connections is essential. As an international intern you’ll not only be exposed to the international entertainment scene, but will have the chance to learn from the very best.

Whether you envision a future career in the spotlight, or more behind the scenes, you need hands-on experience to perfect your craft. Theater and music internships in Chile offer young professionals the chance to do exactly that. From the production to marketing, the more experience you have, the more employable you’ll be. A professional setting can be very different from a classroom one, so it’s important to get started early.

theater and music internships in chile

Transferable Skills

One of the top benefits of interning in the entertainment industry abroad is the transferable skills. As an intern, you’ll experience an incredible amount of professional growth. Many of the skills and qualities you develop will stay with you for the rest of your life. The theater and music industries in particular are excellent opportunities for young professionals to stand out.

No matter your internship placement, you’ll develop excellent interpersonal skills, and be able to cooperate on projects with people from all backgrounds. You’ll also learn how to problem solve and think on your feet. Of course, theater and music internships in Chile also teach the importance of passion. There is no industry where passion and dedication matter more than in entertainment.

An international internship on your CV shows potential employers that you are flexible, adaptable and not afraid to try something new. It also gives you excellent talking points for an interview, and helps your profile to stand out from the crowd.

theater and music internships in chile

Travel in Chile

Chile is the perfect destination for anybody with the travel bug. No matter your travel preferences, Chile has something for you. The capital city, Santiago, is a vibrant, international city. Its streets are filled with food and music from all around the world, and it is the perfect starting point for trips around South America.

An hour away from the city lies the port cities of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, on the Pacific Coast. Both of these cities make for the perfect weekend getaway. Here, interns can explore street art, stroll along the beach, and even visit a house of famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.


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1 Costanera at Dusk, by Klausiee ,CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Sidewalk to Theater, by Eric Fischer, CC BY 2.0

3. Curious Guanacos, by M. Silberman, CC BY-SA 2.0

Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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