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Public Health Internships Summer 2019

The medical and health fields are some of the most competitive for students and young professionals. While the coursework required to enter these careers is rigorous, it can be extremely difficult to gain hands-on experience, and even harder to do so before graduation. If you’re looking to make yourself stand out and land a job after your studies, a great way to start is by gaining experience with public health internships. Summer 2019 is the perfect time.

As you move forward into your career, nothing will be more important than your previous experience. Potential employers want to know that you have not only taken the prerequisite courses, but that you can apply your academic knowledge in a professional setting. However, if you want to work or volunteer abroad in the future, having previous international experience on your CV will be crucial.

For many young healthcare professionals, the opportunity to live and work abroad is a major draw to the field. Combining your medical and health skills with the ability to speak a second language is sure to get you hired. Gain the necessary experience to go abroad through public health internships. Summer 2019 is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself, not only in a foreign language, but directly in your future field. Interns can wear many hats, and take on tasks including medical research, fundraising, advocacy, and community outreach.

Public Health Internships Summer 2019

Here are the top destinations for public health internships summer 2019:


If you speak conversational Spanish, Colombia is easily the top destination for internships in the medical fields. If you’re interested in learning more about Latin America, or about Colombia’s growing economy, Medellin is the place for you. Interns will gain practical experience in a wide variety of roles, across many organizations and businesses.


Ireland’s capital city is the perfect destination for health professionals looking to gain experience in an English-speaking environment. While known for being home to tech giants such as Google and Facebook, Dublin is a top destination for public health. Interns gain experience in a wide variety of both domestic and international organizations. They are able to learn in roles including advocacy, medical policy, communications and outreach. Public health internships in Dublin are perfect for anyone who is wanting to optimize their CV before applying to medical school.

Public Health Internships Summer 2019


For young professionals looking to get their foot in the door in the competitive U.S. market, Chicago is the ideal destination for a summer internship. Chicago is a business and finance hub. However, it is also home to many organizations focused entirely on health-related social change. These organizations range from biotechnology companies working on new tech for the healthcare sector, to nonprofits spreading community awareness. They are the perfect place to gain experience.


Thailand’s capital city is the most visited in the world. Bangkok is the perfect internship destination for those interested in Southeast Asia, or who have the travel bug. Public health interns in Bangkok will gain exposure to the world of healthcare tech in a growing economy. Additionally, they will develop a unique global perspective on their field.

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Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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