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Politics Internships: Summer 2019

Politics, both domestic and international, is one of the most competitive fields there is. Getting a foot in the door of the political field can be a tall order, even in your home country. If you’re hoping to pursue a career in international relations and politics, experience abroad is essential and there are plenty of politics internships. Summer 2019 is the perfect time for interns to gain unique experience and a new perspective on global politics.

Exposure to international governments, organizations, campaigns, and research firms will equip young professionals with an exceptional skill set. Whether you’ve just started your degree or are wrapping up your academic career, there are a few essential skills you’ll need to transition into a full-time role. These skills include research, public speaking, time management, leadership and communication.

Politics internships summer 2019

Top Destinations for Politics Internships.

Medellin, Colombia

If you’re looking to hone your Spanish skills, political internships in Colombia are the perfect place to start. Community organizations focusing on a wide range of political issues including education, trade, poverty and international relations offer excellent placements for interns. Of course, as Colombia becomes increasingly important in Latin American politics, experience in the region is a key tool in your arsenal.

London, UK

London is one of the most popular destinations for politics internships. Summer 2019 roles are already filling up fast in this competitive city. On top of being at the center of the global political scene, it is a vibrant and thriving city, great for young professionals. Interns in London will have the opportunity to gain experience in many sectors of the political industry. These include political consultancy, lobbying, research and even local government. An internship in London’s political scene will ensure that your CV stands out from the rest.

Politics internships summer 2019


Shanghai, China

Mandarin skills are essential if you’re looking to get your foot in the door in mainland China. While it is one of the most difficult languages to master, Shanghai is a fantastic place to learn about the politics of one of the world’s most influential players. For many interns, the focus in this particular city is on business and finance, two industries in which China holds powerful sway. Gaining experience and connections in China will be a huge asset, no matter the career you choose to pursue.

New York, USA

For those pursuing a degree in politics, the Big Apple is an ideal destination. While New York isn’t the nation’s capital, it is a major player on the international political scene, making it the perfect place for politics internships. Summer 2019 internships could be in political journalism and PR, to campaigns and nonprofit organisations. New York has everything  politically-minded interns could wish for.


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  1. Midtown New York, by John Gillespie, CC BY-SA 2.0
  2. EPP Dublin Congress, by European People’s Party,  CC BY 2.0
  3. Parlamento Británico al atardecer, by Ramon Cutanda Lopez, CC BY 2.0


Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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