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5 tips to improve your business writing

As you transition from student to professional, your writing skills become increasingly important. However, the writing skills needed in a university setting can be quite different from the writing you’ll be doing as a professional. In order to be ...

5 reasons to go abroad after graduation

As a student coming up on graduation, it can be difficult to know your plans. Graduation is a momentous event, and deciding which path to follow next is equally as important. However, no matter your degree, one of the best things you can do as a recent ...

5 ways to develop your personal brand

As a young professional in today’s competitive job market, developing your personal brand is an essential step in any successful job hunt. Regardless of your career field or background, your personal brand is something that will help you beyond even ...

TV and Film internships in Bangkok

TV and Film internships in Bangkok are an excellent way to put yourself at the center of a competitive global industry. Hands on experience is the best way to get ahead professionally, and Bangkok is the place to do it. As one of the fastest growing economies ...

Top cities for summer internships 2019

For a student or young professional, there’s nothing more important than hands on experience. As degrees become less important in certain industries, internships are absolutely essential. Whether you’re graduating soon or have just started your ...