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Non-Profit Internships Summer 2019

The nonprofit sector is one of the best places for people to gain professional experience. If you’re looking to develop transferable skills and enhance your CV, start with non-profit internships. Summer 2019 has an incredible variety of options for young professionals seeking to gain experience with international non-profits. International interns are placed according to their interests and skills, within organizations ranging from NGOs to grassroots campaigns. Get your foot in the door of human rights, social work, animal welfare or environmental sustainability.

As an intern, you’ll have the chance to wear many hats within non-profit internships. Summer 2019 is an opportunity to develop a wide variety of soft and hard skills, which are perfect for adding to your CV or mentioning in a cover letter. From managing social media accounts and fundraising campaigns, to researching and applying for grants, there are endless professional opportunities.

Non-Profit Internships Summer 2019

Top destinations for non-profit internships:

Chicago, USA

Chicago is one of the most dynamic and competitive cities in the United States. The city is home to a wide range of non profit organizations, both domestic and international. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills while experiencing a new city, Chicago may be your perfect destination. Of course, the Windy City has more to offer international interns than just professional growth. From restaurants and museums to professional sports teams, Chicago has it all.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s capital city is the perfect place for young professionals looking to get inspired. Dublin is a safe, friendly and colorful city, ideal for anyone looking to gain experience abroad for the first time. As an intern in the non profit sector, you’ll meet other young professionals from around the world. Expanding your international network is one of the most valuable elements of an internship abroad. Dublin is a hub for non-profit organizations in the healthcare sector. This makes it the ideal place for students focusing on health related degrees who are looking to get ahead.

non-profit internships summer 2019

Santiago, Chile

Chile’s claim to fame is its amazing outdoor adventure scene. However, Santiago is also an incredible place to intern with a non-profit. While the city is a growing tech hub, it is also home to many of the regions largest non-profit organizations. For interns looking to perfect their Spanish in a professional setting, Santiago is a great destination. Of course, its vibrant international startup scene makes it a great place to network if you’re hoping to work abroad!

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Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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