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Finance internships in Chile

Where better to launch an international career in Finance than in the capital of Latin America’s most economically stable country, Chile? Chile’s economy currently ranks as the most competitive in Latin America, boasting macroeconomic stability and minimal corruption. In the country’s capital, finance interns will see a strong developing economy at work and contribute to Chile’s economic and financial growth. With the tallest skyscraper in Latin America in Santiago’s skyline, the city offers both opportunity and adventure for a young professional.

Finance internships in Chile will provide international interns the unique chance to launch their career abroad. Working alongside Chile’s top financial professionals, interns will get a real-world professional experience in a rising Latin American city. Immersed in Spanish – and a foreign professional environment – finance interns will return to their home countries prepared to land a top finance job. Apart from the professional benefits of finance internships in Chile, living abroad gives young people the chance to learn about another culture, travel to new and exciting places and make an international group of friends. There’s no better way to combine the excitement of international travel with the practical professional benefits of a finance internship.

Living in Santiago

Santiago is a wonderfully livable city with much to offer a finance intern abroad. Boasting reliable public transportation and overall stability, it’s a place where you can really get out and explore. Streets are clean, safe and easy to navigate. Always welcoming its residents with a beautiful view of the Andes mountains, Santiago quickly feels like home. With undeniably wonderful weather – mostly sunny days year-round – it’s easy to love living in Santiago. Finance interns abroad will be able to soak up the Santiago sun while living in the city’s best neighborhoods, just a short walk or metro ride from cafés, restaurants and night life. The Intern Group’s 24/7 support system also means any issue or concern will be taken care of immediately.

Finance internships in Chile

Chile’s natural beauty

There’s a reason Lonely Planet designated Chile as the travel destination of last year. From snow-capped volcanoes, turquoise rivers, golden sand dunes and more, the country is full of gorgeous excursions from north to south. From Cajon del Maipo, a short day trip from Santiago, to the stunning mountains of Patagonia, finance interns in Santiago should definitely bring along their hiking boots and prepare to explore. The beaches and coastal towns of Chile have their own beachy charm. The tall waves of Pichilemu draw in surfers from around the world while the bays of northern Chile combine desert landscapes with warmer ocean waters. Through inexpensive bus tickets or national flights, these destinations are easy to reach for a long weekend. The best part? Chile is relatively unexplored, making its natural wonders even more attractive as you can easily escape from civilization.

Finance internships in Chile

Out and about in Santiago

Santiago is a city secretive about all it has to offer. With new restaurants, bars, discotecas and other venues opening constantly, it’s a fun city that encourages discovery. Hip neighborhoods like Barrio Italia and Lastarria are reliable spots for trendy cafés and shops. Bellavista is the center of nightlife where the whole city gathers to celebrate. Providencia and Las Condes offer upscale eating. Meanwhile, the colorful, historic neighborhood of Barrio Brasil is an up-and-coming spot where the city’s bohemians and students gather for beers on a covered patio.

Santiago has also made strides in its gastronomy and food scene. With more top-notch restaurants than ever before, the Peruvian influence on Chilean cuisine really comes through in places like Sarita Colonia and Chipe Libre. For a taste of ancestral cooking, Peumayen honors the region’s indigenous peoples through a truly unique culinary experience. Even though it may not be the most dignified dinner, an intern in Santiago can’t forget to try one of Chile’s famous “completos Italianos” – hot dogs slathered with mayonnaise, avocado and chopped tomato (resembling the Italian flag).

Now that you know more about finance internships in Chile, apply now to gain hands-on experience in Santiago.



1. based on Camara de diputados, by Raphael Labaca Castro, CC-by-SA 2.0

2. based on Las Condes, by Deensel, CC-by-2.0

3. based on Autumn in Santiago del Chile, by Mauro Cacciola, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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