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Are you looking to hire interns for your business or organization? If so, The Intern Group is your solution.

Join a diverse group of over 3,000 companies, organizations, and government departments worldwide that have hired interns and benefited from their global outlook through The Intern Group. Partners with whom we have worked range from large multinationals including Grant Thornton and FIFA, through to national governments (the republic of Colombia is an official partner) and fast-growing, ambitious small and medium sized businesses.

We provide our services exclusively in 14 cities. If you are looking to recruit interns, fill in the form below, and a member of our staff in your location will contact you within 24 business hours for a free consultation to demonstrate how we will add value to your organization.

The Intern Group’s programs comply with all visa, immigration, and minimum-wage regulations in all of our destinations. We work closely with employers to ensure that all questions are answered and all internships are always 100% compliant.

100+ leading universities where our interns come from

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5 benefits of recruiting through The Intern Group

  1. Value-add

    With the increasing globalization of business, an international intern is the perfect way to keep up with this trend. An international team member is a brilliant way to immediately inject fresh ideas, perspectives and talent into your workplace/specific projects.

  2. Flexibility

    The Intern Group operates in a flexible way to suit your needs. We provide interns on an all-year-round basis and are able to meet your specific requirements for every placement. Once your staffing needs are determined, we source you candidates from our extensive network of international universities and you then have full autonomy over the selection process.

  3. Support

    Once you have sourced your intern through us we take care of every aspect of their arrival and stay. From organizing their visas and accommodation, to professional training, mentoring and support outside of the workplace; our job is to help each intern settle in and excel in their internship placement with you.

  4. Long-term hires

    Create a database of international talent for future hiring opportunities. Hiring interns for full-time positions after they’ve completed an internship greatly lessens your risk of hiring the wrong person.

  5. Budget

    Our service is 100% cost-free

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