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Shanghai Internship Program

Visa information for Shanghai

Obtaining the necessary visas is often one of the most difficult and stressful parts about going abroad. However, as an intern on our program, you’ll be guided through the process by our visa experts. Our amazing team is based on the ground in Asia, and have extensive local knowledge about visa processes and requirements.

All program participants (except for PRC citizen, HKSAR citizens, Macau citizens, Taiwan residents) are required to hold an appropriate China Visa (type F, type X2 or type S2), although the visa regulation is ever-changing and can vary across different embassies worldwide. 

We will advise based on your current location. Normally, if you are not based in the UK or Australia, it would be mandatory to sign up for and attend Mandarin Chinese classes as part of the visa requirement and be charged an additional program fee based on your duration of the program.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation and China Visa application guidance. Program participants must submit their China Visa application to the respective China Embassy or Visa Centre in the country of your current location in person, by domestic post or via a domestic visa agent, whichever is applicable. The passport will be kept by the authority during the application process, which takes about 1-2 weeks. 

The cost of the visa is not included in the program fee.