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Internships in London

Visa information for London

When it comes to interning in the United Kingdom, the visa process is definitely one of the most daunting elements to consider. However, our expert visa team has guided thousands of students and young professionals through the process of applying for a UK visa. Their support and local expertise make them key resources for every intern on our program.


There are a few visa options for international students who are selected to take part in an internship in England. Most EU Passport holders can enter the UK and take part in our program with no restrictions.  Croatian applicants will need to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship and a subsequent work certificate once in the UK. 

  1. Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange

    • All other nationals will need to enter the UK with a “Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange Visa” with sponsorship from BUNAC.  Below you will see the requirements for sponsorship:
    • You must be 18 years of age or over.
    • You must be a full time degree level student or recent graduate (within the last 12 months at the start of your internship). Online students are not eligible.
    • You must hold nationality outside of the EEA.
    • If not applying from your home country, you must have a valid visa proving your residence in the country you are applying from and this must be at least 6 months in total duration.

    What do I need for a Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange sponsorship from BUNAC?

    You will need to be able to present the following documents in order to secure a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from BUNAC:

    • Resume
    • Official Transcripts proving your full time academic status
    • Valid IELTS scores of 6 or higher taken within the past two years. (This is only required for those whose passport is issued by a country where English is not the primary and official language.  No other test scores will be accepted, only IELTS)
    • Insurance Coverage that includes:
      • Minimum Medical Payout of $500,000 USD or national equivalent
      • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
      • International Coverage
      • Valid passport with signature and at least three empty pages back to back.  The expiration date must also be at least 6 months after you arrive in the UK.
      • A reference from someone who has known you in either an academic or professional capacity for at least 6 months.
      • Proof of Support Funds only shown in either a checking or savings account:
        • US applicants must show $1,500 maintained for 30 days
        • Non-US applicants must show £945 maintained for 90 days


    How much will a Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange visa cost? 

    Visa fees are not included in the program. Registration with BUNAC will cost $775 USD. The subsequent Tier 5 GAE visa will cost £244 (approximately $320 USD).  The total cost for the visa is around $1,200 USD and is the intern’s responsibility to cover.

  2. Tier 5 Youth Mobility

    The Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa is open to nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan*. In order to qualify for this visa you must:


    • Be 18 years of age or over on the date that your UK visa becomes valid and under the age of 31 when you apply.
    • Have £1,890 in available maintenance (funds) when you apply. You must be able to demonstrate the funds from a single date within 31 days of the date of your visa application as the minimum requirement.
    • You’ll also have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application. The UKVI has increased this charge to £300 yearly. Since this visa will last for 2 consecutive years, you will be required to pay £600 in total with the new fee policy.
    • You’ll also need your tuberculosis (TB) test results if you’re from a country where you have to take the test. Please check here to see if you require TB test results.

    Please note that some nationalities require a Certificate of Sponsorship from their national governments. Please check with your local British Consulate to see if you’ll need to apply for Sponsorship first.

    How much will a Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa cost? 

    Visa fees are not included in the program. The application for the Youth Mobility Visa will cost £244.  You will also need to pay £600 for the National Healthcare Surcharge. In total, this visa will cost £844 and is the responsibility of the intern to cover.

    Please note that this visa can only be applied for once in a lifetime and will last for 2 consecutive years. Do consider all options based on your individual eligibility when deciding which visa to pursue.



    Additional information

    If you have a criminal record or any convictions within a year before your program start date, there could be an issue with getting your visa approved. Please disclose any relevant information regarding previous convictions as soon as possible. Also, please inform us of any previous visas that you have applied for with the UKVI, as this may delay your visa process.

    Please note that during visa application periods, The Intern Group does not recommend taking part in travel plans that will require your passport. During these processes, you will be without your passport for a determined amount of time and The Intern Group is not responsible for any delays that are caused to your process due to personal travel plans. Please do inform the team of any and all travel plans that require your passport prior to your trip as soon as possible.