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Internships in Colombia

Visa information for Colombia

Visa Requirements for Colombia

Applying for a visa to live abroad, even for a short time, can be a frustrating and challenging task. Interns on our Colombia program have the benefit of our team’s local expertise and visa knowledge. Each of our interns has access to personalized guidance through the visa application process, helping to eliminate one of the biggest barriers to leaving your home country!


Visa Requirements for Colombia

All applicants require a visa to do an internship in Colombia. Certain nationalities can get it at the airport, while others must request the visa before traveling to the country.

Please be aware that the maximum amount of time that you can be in Colombia is 180 days in any calendar year (this includes any other time that you’ve been in the country during this period).

Permiso de Ingreso y Permanencia PIP2: (Visa given at the airport)

This visa is given for 90 days to any of the 90 nationalities listed below and it’s free. (Please note, Canadian citizens need to pay an entry fee of around 70 CAD). You will require a supporting letter that we will provide you with.

For interns doing longer programs, you can get this visa at the airport and then renew it in Medellín with a letter that we will provide you with. It costs around 40USD and the process takes one morning. This extension visa is called Permiso Temporal de Permanencia PTP2 and can be given for a maximum 90 days more. The renewal process is your responsibility. 90 days is not the same as three months and you should start counting from the day you land in a Colombian airport.

The nationalities allowed to get the visa on arrival at the airport:



Visa Temporal – Temporary Visa TP-12 

Visa at a Colombian Consulate:

The nationalities that are NOT on the list above will need to apply for a visa before traveling to Colombia and the process takes at least 4 weeks. The cost is 155USD.

Each person must go to the respective consulate with the letter that we provide and all the supporting documents. 

You can find more information about Colombian consulates here: 

You can find more information about the process here: