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International Internship - Chile Program

Visa information for Chile

Visa Requirements for Chile

As an intern on our program, you’ll have access to the vast local knowledge of our South American visa team, who guide each and every intern through the visa process. Once you are confirmed onto the program, you’ll be in touch with your visa representative, who is an incredible resource for everything you need to know about interning in Chile.


Visa Requirements for Chile

An internship in Chile that lasts fewer than 90 days without remuneration is regarded as a voluntary activity and can be conducted with a Tourist Visa (Tarjeta de Turismo). Some nationalities can get it at the airport, others have to request the visa before traveling to the country. For programs of longer than 90 days, The Intern Group will provide comprehensive instruction on extending or renewing visas.

Tarjeta de Turismo: (Visa given at the airport)

The nationalities allowed to get the visa on arrival at the airport:



Program applicants with a nationality that does not appear on the list do not enjoy visa exemption. You would be required to apply for a Tourist Visa in the Chilean Embassy/Consulate-General in your current location.

Chinese citizens do not need a tourist visa to travel to Chile if they have a tourist visa to the United States or Canada valid for at least 6 months. If they are legal residents (green card holders) or they have any other type of visa (work, student, etc.), a tourist visa is required, and you can receive one at a Chilean Embassy/Consulate-General, free of charge.  If Chinese participants do not maintain a tourist visa from the United States or Canada, they need to apply for a tourist visa, but it is again cost-free for them and they can stay up to 90 days. For these reasons, Chinese citizens are limited to 90-day programs. 

While The Intern Group will provide guidance and support throughout the visa application process, any potential visa costs are not included in the program fee. It is recommended that you submit any visa application at least 3 months before your scheduled start date.

Due to restrictions, applicants from Afghanistan, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Macedonia, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, and Palestine are not currently eligible for the internship in Chile program.